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Canada’s Historic Places

The Canadian Register of Historic Places (CRHP) is Canada's definitive source of information on historic places. Here you can not only learn about more than 12,500 historic places, you can also find useful conservation tools, such as the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada - a benchmark guide for the conservation of historic resources.

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Federal, Provincial and Territorial governments recognize the contribution historic places make to our communities. Since 2001, they have worked together to develop the CRHP.



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Close-up of recent graffiti and red staining on rock face, 1999.

La Roche Percee Provincial Historic Site

Recent Graffiti and Ochre Staining

Exterior photo

Light Tower

Exterior photo

Waterfall at the Green Gulch area of Branch Cove Fossiliferous Rocks, Branch, NL, 2008

Branch Cove Fossiliferous Rocks Municipal Heritage Site

Branch Cove Fossiliferous Rocks, Branch, NL, 2008