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Kaslo Municipal Hall National Historic Site of Canada

413 Fourth Street, Kaslo, British Columbia

Kaslo Municipal Hall National Historic Site of Canada is located in the heart of the municipality of Kaslo, British Columbia. A two-storey, wood frame building with a truncated…

Campbell House

2728 Pandora Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

The Campbell House is a two-storey, wood frame house of Craftsman design located on the south side of Pandora Street between Slocan and Kaslo Streets, in the Hastings…

St. Andrew's United Church

500 Fourth Street, Kaslo, British Columbia

St. Andrew's United Church is a modest white-painted wood frame Gothic style building with an imposing belfry and spire, and a cedar shingle roof. It is located on the corner of B…

1896 Building

331 Front Street, Kaslo, British Columbia

The 1896 building is a two-storey classical style brick building with two wooden pillars framing the front entrance. This historic place includes the building on its lot, located…

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

313 Fifth Street, Kaslo, British Columbia

Sacred Heart Catholic Church is a modestly-constructed white wooden building with Gothic style windows, located on 5th Street in Kaslo, British Columbia. The historic place…

S.S. Moyie National Historic Site of Canada

Kaslo, British Columbia

The S.S. Moyie National Historic Site of Canada is a late 19th-century, steam-propelled, stern-wheeler, located on the south shore of Kaslo Bay on Kootenay Lake. She has been in…

Gilley Residence

725 Queen's Avenue, New Westminster, British Columbia

The Gilley Residence is comprised of a large residence, incorporating portions of two earlier buildings, and an associated garage and landscape features, located on single…

Kaslo Bay

242 Kaslo Bay Road, Kaslo, British Columbia

Kaslo Bay is a small sheltered bay located in the northwest corner of downtown Kaslo, British Columbia. The beach and Kaslo Bay Park are at the end of Center Street which runs…

Bon Marché Store

416 Broadway Street, Nakusp, British Columbia

The Bon Marché Store is a one-storey side-gabled wood-frame commercial building with a false front and a gabled rear extension. The recognition includes a one-storey extension to…

Langham Cultural Centre

447 A Avenue, Kaslo, British Columbia

The Langham Cultural Centre is a three-story Victorian style wooden building with ten dormer windows located on a corner lot on the major thoroughfare of downtown Kaslo, British…

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