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Vaughan Seed Company

111, Victoria Street, Welland, Ontario, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 2002/07/16

Vaughan Seed Company on Victoria Street; Callie Hemsworth, Brock University, 2007
Vaughan Seed Company
Vaughan Seed Company; Callie Hemsworth, Brock University, 2007
Vaughan Seed Company
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The Vaughan Seed Company is located at 111 Victoria Street. It is an irregularly-shaped white building in the Industrial style. This two storey structure is clad in metal and was constructed in 1909.

The City of Welland designated the property for its heritage value under By-law 2002-123.

Valeur patrimoniale

The Vaughan Seed Company is a remnant of Welland's agricultural past. Completed in 1909, it was used for a seed company established by Marshall “Mark” Vaughan, of Elcho, as a branch of his family's seed business. The Vaughan Seed Company provided high quality seed for farmers and gardeners in the Welland area, specializing in Kentucky blue grass. Another type of seed developed by Vaughan, called Victoria Park Lawn Seed, was also used locally by the Niagara Parks Commission. Mr. Vaughan also contributed to the community by entering municipal politics, as an Alderman and serving as Reeve in 1915-1916. In 1918, he became the first Mayor of the new City of Welland and remained in politics as an elected Member of Provincial Parliament for Welland, serving the Legislature for a total of 12 years. Though it no longer houses the Vaughan Seed Company, the building stands as a reflection of Welland's agricultural and industrial history.

The Vaughan Seed Company is an example of the shift in style for industrial buildings. The early 20th century saw the form of an industrial facility change to dictate the use of the building, which is evident here in the irregular roofline, simple rectangular windows and minimal exterior detail. The interior remains virtually unchanged since the early 20th century, with an office whose upper sliding glass windows allowed employees to handle transactions without leaving the office. In addition to this are the original wooden cabinets, bins and drawers for storing seed, vintage 1910-20's wooden chairs, and other machinery and features related to the industrial use of the building. There are sash windows on each storey. The rear wing features a monitor gable roof, which adds a third storey that also contains sash windows.

Sources: Vaughan Seed Company Report, Heritage Welland Committee, 2006; The City of Welland By-law 2002-123.

Éléments caractéristiques

Character defining elements that reflect the heritage value of the Vaughan Seed Company include its:
- size and massing displaying the shift in the design of industrial buildings, as an example of functional design, evident in the irregular roofline and minimal exterior detailing
- sash windows
- monitor gable roof
- virtually unchanged interior with an office with upper sliding glass windows, original wooden cabinets, seed storage bins, 1910-1920's vintage wooden chairs, three storey elevator and built-in safe




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