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Saskatoon Electrical System Substation

619 Main Street, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7H, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 2000/12/04

Front façade of Saskatoon Electrical System Substation, 2005.; City of Saskatoon, Kathlyn Szalasznyj, 2005.
Front façade
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Main Street Electrical Substation
Saskatoon Electrical System Substation

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Inscrit au répertoire canadien: 2006/03/20

Énoncé d'importance

Description du lieu patrimonial

The City of Saskatoon Electric System Substation is a Municipal Heritage Property comprising three lots in the Nutana district of Saskatoon. It features a one-storey, masonry municipal building. Designation is limited to the exterior of the building.

Valeur patrimoniale

The heritage value of the City of Saskatoon Electric System Substation resides in its architecture and historical integrity. Constructed in the late 1920s, this is one of the last surviving examples of the flat-roofed, brick style buildings that were commonly constructed to house public works in Saskatoon during the mid-twentieth century. The building exudes permanence and strength. Its walls of No. 2 Redcliff, Light Claybank and Tee Pee Mocha brick, and its secure metal-grid windows, are suggestive of municipal authority. Strong, clean geometrics typical of the Modern Classical style are maintained in the façade through the use of contrasting brick pilasters, belt courses, decorative brick panels trimmed with granite and a stepped entablature capped by a parapet wall. While the building has been refurbished, the alterations have been designed for minimal visual intrusion to the façade.

Heritage value also lies in the building’s longstanding association with public works in Saskatoon and its contribution to the Broadway district streetscape. Designed to house the transformers for the municipal electrical system, the building was used for this purpose until 1973 and for city storage thereafter. It has since housed several businesses. Although located off Broadway Avenue itself, it is one of several masonry buildings that characterize this commercial district, speaking to past uses and contributing to it a sense of permanence.


City of Saskatoon Bylaw No.7986.

Éléments caractéristiques

The heritage value of the City of Saskatoon Electric System Substation resides in the following character-defining elements:
-those elements that speak to its Modern Classical design elements, such as its stepped entablature and parapet wall, limited cornice, piers with slightly recessed bats;
-those elements that speak to its historical integrity, such as the use of brick throughout the exterior and its number of windows and their metal-grid treatment.




Autorité de reconnaissance

Administrations locales (Sask.)

Loi habilitante

Heritage Property Act, alinéa 11(1)(a)

Type de reconnaissance

Bien patrimonial municipal

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Économies en développement
Technologie et ingénierie

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Commerce / Services commerciaux
Bureau ou édifice à bureaux


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City of Saskatoon Community Services Department Development Services Branch 222 - 3rd Avenue North SASKATOON SK S7K 0J5

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MHP 2111



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