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Robin Oak

1265 Roslyn Road, Oak Bay, Colombie-Britannique, V8S, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 2004/03/08

Exterior view of Robin Oak, 2004; Corporation of the District of Oak Bay, 2004.
South elevation
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Inscrit au répertoire canadien: 2007/01/29

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The Robin Oak property consists of a two and one-half storey English Arts and Crafts bungalow and garage located on upper Roslyn Road close to the Oak Bay Village.

Valeur patrimoniale

Robin Oak is important to the community for its association with the Island Investment Company Ltd. Built in 1911, it is one of the earliest rent-to-own houses designed and built by this company as part of their housing developments in Oak Bay. Robin Oak is valued as part of the urban development of the neighbourhood and is within close proximity to other Company built homes. The significance of the site on upper Roslyn Road, with access via the Brighton walkway to the Oak Bay Village and transit lines, is linked to the progression of Victoria's suburban development.

The architectural value of Robin Oak lies in its unique bungalow design. This house, part of the speculative development that characterized the pre-war building boom, typifies the quality housing then available to the middle class. The house is simple in plan, but individualized by its open verandahs. The decorative English Arts and Crafts exterior with Edwardian and Craftsman interior detailing lend importance to this building's distinctive architecture.

Robin Oak is also important to the community as the former home of the Tunnard family. A.C. Tunnard was manager of the Royal Theatre in downtown Victoria.

Source: The Corporation of the District of Oak Bay.

Éléments caractéristiques

Key elements that define the heritage value of Robin Oak include:
- The close proximity of this home to 1275 Roslyn Street (1911) and other homes built by Island Investment Company Ltd.
- Horizontal massing and open verandahs on two sides.
- Exterior English Arts and Crafts bungalow elements such as the half-timbering with rough stucco, cedar shingles, and the low-pitched, bell-cast and hipped roof with a hip dormer and wide overhanging eaves.
- Original configuration of the floor plan.
- Authentic Edwardian and Craftsman interior detailing such as the intact woodwork, original flooring, fireplaces, bathroom floor tiles, fir detailing around the windows and the built-in buffet.
- Intact landscape features, such as the mature dogwoods.
- The garage (c.1911) in its original location.




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Local Government Act, art.954

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The Corporation of the District of Oak Bay.

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