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Miramichi Natural History Museum

149 Wellington St., Miramichi, New Brunswick

Miramichi Natural History Museum is located on 149 Wellington Street in the City of Miramichi. It is situated on a municipal corner lot 30' by 50' in size. The building footprint…

Miramichi Fish Hatchery, RR1

RR #1, Miramichi, New Brunswick

The Main Hatchery Building, part of the Miramichi Fish Hatchery, is prominent within a small cluster of buildings set in a landscaped park-like setting amongst fishponds and…

Marine (Seamans') Hospital

320 Mckenzie Drive, Miramichi, New Brunswick

The Marine (Seamen’s) Hospital consists of a Georgian-style sandstone building built on a parcel of land, located at 12 Samuel Street overlooking the Miramichi River in the City…

Hickson House

133 Pleasant Street, Miramichi, Miramichi, New Brunswick

Hickson House, also known as “Elmleigh” is located at 133 Pleasant Street in the City of Miramichi. It is a 2 1/2-story Second Empire home situated within a grouping of prominent…

Mac O'Brien House

62 St. Patrick's Drive, Miramichi, New Brunswick

Mac O'Brien House is located at 58 St. Patrick's Drive in the former village of Nelson-Miramichi, now the City of Miramichi. This two and a half storey Queen Anne house with a…

Beaubears Island Shipbuilding National Historic Site of Canada

Highway 8, Northwest Bridge, Miramichi, New Brunswick

Beaubears Island Shipbuilding National Historic Site of Canada incorporates some 24 hectares (60 acres) on the southeastern (downstream) shore of Beaubears Island at the…

John T. Williston House

1696 Water Street, Miramichi, New Brunswick

John T. Williston House is located within Miramichi's Historic Water Street District. It is a 2-storey sandstone Georgian building completed in 1824, making is one of the oldest…

John Wyse House

77 Shore Drive, Miramichi, New Brunswick

John Wyse House is a 1 1/2 storey stone cottage Georgian style located on the Shore Drive in the former Village of Douglastown in the City of Miramichi.

Morrison Cove Pump House

1150 Water Street, Miramichi, New Brunswick

Morrison Cove Pump House is located on Water Street in the City of Miramichi at the mouth of Morrison Brook on the south side of the Miramichi River. It is a one and a half storey…

Saint Andrew's Anglican Church

186 Pleasant Street, Miramichi, New Brunswick

Saint Andrew's Anglican Church and adjoining cemetery is situated at 186 Pleasant Street in the City of Miramichi. Saint Andrew's is a fine carpenter gothic structure designed…

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