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Dominion Public Building

457 Richmond Street, London, Ontario

Standing within the London’s business core the Dominion Public Building is a distinctive example of Modern Classicism. It is a six-storey building with a tall tower emphasizing…

Eldon House

481, Ridout Street, City of London, Ontario

Eldon House is located at 481 Ridout Street North. This home is situated on the west side of Ridout Street and northwest of the termination of Fullarton Street. It is also on…

John Buchan House

566, Dundas Street, London, Ontario

Built in two stages in 1872 and 1887, Buchan House is a prominent two-and-a-half-storey red brick building located on the north side of Dundas Street, west of Adelaide Street…

Middlesex County Court House

399, Ridout Street North, Ward 13, Ontario

The building at 399 Ridout Street North, commonly known as Middlesex County Court House, is situated south of Dundas Street, and north of King Street in the County of Middlesex in…

Labatt Memorial Park

25, Wilson Avenue, City of London, Ontario

Located at 25 Wilson Avenue, Labatt Memorial Park is situated on the east side of Wilson Avenue, west of the Thames River and north of Riverside Drive, in the former Village of…

Blackfriars Bridge

0, Blackfriars Street, City of London, Ontario

The Blackfriars Bridge, a reinforced wrought-iron bowstring bridge, was constructed in 1875. It spans the North Branch of the Thames River, on Blackfriars Street, in the City of…

Grosvenor Lodge

1017, Western Road, City of London, Ontario

Grosvenor Lodge, located at 1017 Western Road, is situated on the southwest side of Western Road, east of Platt's Lane and northwest of Hollywood Crescent, in the City of London.…

Christ Anglican Chuch

138, Wellington Street, City of London, Ontario

Christ Anglican Church is located at 138 Wellington Street, on the northeast corner of Wellington and Hill Streets, in the City of London. The two-storey white-brick church was…

Victoria Park

580, Clarence Street, City of London, Ontario

Victoria Park is bounded by Central Avenue, Clarence Street, Dufferin Avenue and Wellington Street in the downtown area of the City of London. Established in 1878, the property…

Bishop Hellmuth Heritage Conservation District

0, Bishop Hellmuth Heritage Conservation District, City of London, Ontario

The Bishop Hellmuth Heritage Conservation District is located in the North London area of the City of London. It is bounded by Waterloo Street, Wellington Street, Grosvenor…

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