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MacMullen Oil Skin Factory

2456 Highway No. 3, Barrington, Nova Scotia

The MacMullen Oil Skin Factory is a late 19th century, two and one half storey, cross-gabled, industrial building, located in Barrington, NS. The building is set back from the…

Old Meeting House

2408 Highway No. 3, Barrington, Nova Scotia

Located in the community of Barrington on Nova Scotia's southwestern coastline, the Old Meeting House is a two-storey wood framed structure with a steeply pitched gable roof and…

Sargent-Homer-Nodwell House

2380 No. 3 Highway, Barrington, Nova Scotia

The Sargent-Homer-Nodwell House is located on Highway No. 3 in Barrington, Nova Scotia. In the early days, the house sat in an advantageous position, as it was at the hub of the…

Doane House

266 Villagedale Road, Coffinscroft, Nova Scotia

The Doane House is located in Coffinscroft, just outside Barrington, on Nova Scotia’s South Shore, overlooking the east side of the Harbour. This one-and-a-half storey wood…

Phyllisa Mundell House

2133 Highway 3; Willow Grove, Barrington, Nova Scotia

Set back slightly from Highway 3 in Barrington, Nova Scotia, this Italianate style home is clad in natural cedar shingles with painted white trim and wine coloured shutters and…

Doane House

266 Villagedale Road, Coffinscroft, Nova Scotia

Slightly set back off the Villagedale Road in Coffinscroft, NS this Greek Revival home is one of five remaining houses built by Samuel Osborne Doane. Wood shingle with white…

The Arthur Homer House

2380 Highway No. 3, Barrington Head, Nova Scotia

The Arthur Homer House is a two-and-a-half storey, home located directly on the main highway in Barrington Head, Nova Scotia. The house is unique in the community as its first…

The Barrington Woolen Mill

2368 Highway 3, Barrington Head, Nova Scotia

Barrington Woolen Mill is located on the east side of River Road and the main highway in Barrington, Nova Scotia. Located directly beside the Barrington River, this red shingled…

Old Court House

2401 Highway No. 3, Barrington Head, Nova Scotia

The Old Court House is situated along the Barrington River in a historic part of Barrington, NS. It is a two-and-one-half storey wooden building, clad in wide wooden shingles,…

Wesley United Church

2280 Highway 3, Barrington Head, Nova Scotia

A large, white ecclesiastical building located on the western side of Highway 3, Barrington Head, Nova Scotia, the Wesley United Church is a somewhat imposing building in the…

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