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Vimy Barracks (B-6)

Kingston, Ontario

Vimy Barracks (B-6), also known as McKee Hall, is a concrete structure set within a group of buildings marking the north edge of the parade square at Vimy Barracks, CFB Kingston.…

Fort Champlain Cadet Quarters (B34)

RMC Kingston, Ontario

The Fort Champlain Cadet Quarters (B34) is a four-storey, symmetrical, rusticated limestone building with a C-shaped footprint and gable roof that features two projecting wings…

Vimy Barracks Building B7

1 Estafette Street, Vimy Barracks, Ontario

Vimy Barracks Building B7 is a large, white, two-storey, reinforced concrete building with an E-shaped plan. The building’s symmetrical façade consists of a monumental portico…

Old Fort Henry, Reverse Fire Gallery West

Kingston, Ontario

A defensive component of Old Fort Henry, the Reverse Fire Gallery West is a vaulted chamber set within the northwest angles of the counterscarp facing the redoubt. Loopholes and…

Reverse Fire Gallery East

Kingston, Ontario

The Reverse Fire Gallery East is a defensive component of Fort Henry. It is a vaulted chamber set within the northeast angles of the counterscarp, facing the redoubt. Loopholes…


Kingston, Ontario

Standing guard on the heights of point Henry overlooking the eastern end of Lake Ontario the Redoubt is a specialized defensive military structure, and the most important element…

Branch Tower West

Kingston, Ontario

Standing sentinel at the waters edge the West Branch Ditch Tower is a specialized defensive structure integral to Fort Henry. It comprises of a massively built 45 foot high…

Branch Tower East

Fort Henry Defense Complex, Ontario

Standing sentinel on the banks of Lake Ontario, Branch Tower East is a specialized defensive structure integral to Fort Henry. It consists of a massive, 14-metre-high circular…

Curtain Wall and Demi-Bastions

Kingston, Ontario

The reconstructed Curtain Wall and Demi-Bastions constitute a specialized defensive military structure integral to Fort Henry National Historic Site of Canada. The prominent and…

Commissariat Stores / Reverse Fire Chamber East

Kingston, Ontario

Commissariat Stores/ Reverse Fire Chamber East, also known as Forward Battery, is a specialized defensive military structure integral to the Fort Henry Defence Complex, located…

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