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CBC Building

1500 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario

The CBC Building is a modern, six-storey, flat roofed reinforced concrete and steel structure with a flared “Y”-shaped footprint that features glazed elevations with granite…

Aberdeen Pavilion National Historic Site of Canada

1015 Lansdowne Park / Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Successfully combining the practical with the fanciful, the Aberdeen Pavilion captures the spirit of the fairground. Its voluminous interior space, well-lit by many windows, is…

Maison Samuel-Stewart

774, Chemin d'Aylmer, Gatineau, Quebec

La maison Samuel-Stewart, citée monument historique, est une demeure construite vers 1880. Cette résidence en pierre, de plan rectangulaire à un étage et demi, est coiffée d'un…

The Horticulture Building

957, Bank Street, Ottawa, City of, Ontario

Built in 1914, the Horticulture Building is one of eight permanent exhibition halls located at the Central Canada Exhibition at Lansdowne Park, in the City of Ottawa. The…

Monastère du Précieux Sang

774, Echo Drive, Ottawa, City of, Ontario

The austere and imposing former Monastère du Précieux Sang at 774 Echo Drive is a four-storey classically-proportioned structure arranged around a courtyard. It has a hipped roof…

Billings House National Historic Site of Canada

2100 Cabot Street, Ottawa, Ontario

The Billings House National Historic Site of Canada, a fine five-bay two-and-a-half storey wooden house, is one of the earliest in the city of Ottawa. Its classically inspired…

Hay House

700, Echo Drive, Ottawa, City of, Ontario

Hay House, also known as Echo Bank, is a two-and-a-half-storey stone house incorporating a mix of Georgian and Victorian-Gothic Revival architectural elements. It is located at…

Mutchmor Public School

185, Fifth Avenue, Ottawa, City of, Ontario

Mutchmor Public School is located at 185 Fifth Avenue, on the northwest corner of Lyon Street and Fifth Avenue in the Glebe, a residential neighbourhood south of downtown Ottawa…



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