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Saanich War Memorial Health Centre

4353 West Saanich Road, Saanich, British Columbia

The Saanich War Memorial Health Centre is a two-storey Craftsman style building, located in the Royal Oak area of Saanich.

Swan Lake and Brett Trestles

NE of Saanich Road, Saanich, British Columbia

The 140 metre long Swan Lake and Brett trestles are railway bridges, which span a flood plain and a creek that joins Blenkinsop and Swan Lakes. They are located in the Quadra area…

Hutchison Residence

810 Rogers Avenue, Saanich, British Columbia

The Hutchison Residence is a one-and-one-half storey wood-frame British Arts and Crafts style bungalow set in a lush English garden, located in the North Quadra area of Saanich.

Mercer Residence

4366 Blenkinsop Road, Saanich, British Columbia

The Mercer Residence is a front gabled one and one-half storey Craftsman bungalow, located in Saanich's rural Blenkinsop Valley, near Mt. Douglas Park, overlooking Blenkinsop…

Lake Hill Pumping Station

3940 Quadra Street, Saanich, British Columbia

The Lake Hill Pumping Station is a single storey brick industrial building with a gabled roof, rectangular on plan with the gable end facing the street. The building is located on…



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