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St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Sandwick

4778 North Island Highway, Courtenay, British Columbia

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Sandwick, is a simple, one-and-one-half storey gabled-roof structure located at the top of Mission Hill. Situated on its original site, the…

St. Andrews Anglican Church

4634 North Island Highway, Courtenay, British Columbia

St. Andrew’s Anglican Church is a modest, one-storey Gothic Revival-inspired church situated on its original lot at the intersection of Dingwall Road and North Island Highway in…

Sandwick Manor

276 Sandwick Road, Courtenay, British Columbia

Sandwick Manor is a tall, two-storey, residential structure situated on its original lot. The house features notable landscaping which includes several mature trees and a…

Lewis Park

489 North Island Highway, Courtenay, British Columbia

Lewis Park is a 17.39 acre municipally-owned park located immediately to the east of the Courtenay River bridge, across from Simms Millennium Park on the Old Island Highway. The…

Settlers' Cairn

Headquarters Road, Courtenay, British Columbia

The Settlers' Cairn is a stone monument featuring two plaques which commemorate the landing place of the Comox Valley’s first pioneers. This historic place is located along…

Billy Booth House

307 First Street, Courtenay, British Columbia

The Billy Booth House is a one-and-one-half storey, wood-framed single family residence situated on a large lot on 1st Street in the heart of Courtenay’s historic Old Orchard…

Comox Valley Exhibition Grounds

4835 Headquarters Road, Courtenay, British Columbia

The Comox Valley Exhibition Grounds are a substantial forty acre property consisting of both developed areas and nature park settings. The property is located off Headquarters…

Tsolum River Garry Oak Ecosystem

Courtenay, British Columbia

The Tsolum River Valley Garry Oak Ecosystem is a unique ecosystem in northeast Courtenay, roughly located between Headquarters Road to the east and Highway 19A to the west and…



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