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Old St. James Anglican Church

540 Tylehurst Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Old St. James Anglican Church, a log and milled-timber structure built in 1853 on a ridge above the Assiniboine River, stands on a tree-sheltered site within a highly developed…

Laura Secord School

960 Wolseley Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Laura Secord School, a handsome brick structure built in west Winnipeg in 1912-13, occupies a large site in an older residential neighbourhood. The City of Winnipeg designation…

Uptown Theatre

394 Academy Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Uptown Theatre, a two-storey steel, concrete and brick structure built in 1930-31 to resemble a Moorish palace, overlooks a major street in one of south Winnipeg's mixed…

Wolseley School

511 Clifton Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Wolseley School in west Winnipeg is a one-storey red brick structure erected in 1921. The City of Winnipeg designation applies to the building on its footprint.

Julia Clark School

615 Academy Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Julia Clark School is a two-storey brick structure erected in 1918 near the Assiniboine River in west Winnipeg. The City of Winnipeg designation applies to the building on its…

Bellcrest Apartments

72 Lenore Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The 1928 Bellcrest Apartments, a three-storey brick building faced on two sides in stone, stands on a busy street corner opposite an elementary school in a mature west Winnipeg…



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