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28 Cochrane Street Municipal Heritage Building

St. John's, Terre-Neuve et Labrador, A1C, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 2004/05/17

Detail of bonnetted dormer window and diamond-pattern eave moulding.  Date unknown.; HFNL 2007
Detail, 28 Cochrane Street
Detail of Palladian-style front window with ornate elements.  Photo date unknown.; HFNL 2007
Detail, 28 Cochrane Street
Detail photo of the main entrance - recessed and surrounded by panels.  Photo also shows other decorative elements. Date unknown.; HFNL 2007
Detail, 28 Cochrane Street

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1892/01/01 à 1893/01/01

Inscrit au répertoire canadien: 2008/11/25

Énoncé d'importance

Description du lieu patrimonial

28 Cochrane Street is a three storey wooden house built in the Second Empire style of architecture. Located in downtown St. John’s, 28 Cochrane Street is typical of the downtown homes built in 1892-1893. This designation is confined to the footprint of the building.

Valeur patrimoniale

28 Cochrane Street is designated a Municipal Heritage Building because of its architectural and historic values.

28 Cochrane Street is architecturally valuable as a good example of a typical late 19th century house in downtown St. John’s. Built in the Second Empire or Southcott style, 28 Cochrane Street remains a well preserved example of this style of house. The house features many elements that are characteristic of Second Empire such as a Mansard roof, peaked dormers, eaves brackets and intricate door and window detailing.

28 Cochrane Street was built in 1892-1893 on the foundation of a previous building that had burned in the Great Fire of 1892. Since its construction, 28 Cochrane Street has had a number of functions including residence, funeral home, craft shop, rooming house, restaurant and offices. This house is historically valuable for its association with Andrew Carnell, former Mayor of St. John’s and the original owner of Carnell’s Funeral Home, which operates to this day. Carnell had an important influence on the City of St. John’s during his years as mayor from 1932-1949. Some of his many accomplishments include raising funds for the construction of Memorial Stadium (extant), as well as various efforts regarding water and sewer in the city. Carnell opened the funeral home in this house in 1940 and it was housed here for a number of years. During this period, the house was also used as a residence for the Carnell family.

Source: City of St. John's, meeting held 2004/05/17

Éléments caractéristiques

All elements that define the building's Second Empire design including:
-mansard roof;
-exterior decoration including eaves brackets, decorative moulding under eavesline, intricate door and window trim;
-narrow clapboard;
-peaked dormers with dentils and decorative mouldings;
-placement of openings including window and door openings;
-dimensions and shapes of openings; and,
-location, orientation, dimensions, general massing.



Terre-Neuve et Labrador

Autorité de reconnaissance

Ville de St. John's

Loi habilitante

City of St. John's Development Regulations

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City of St. John's Heritage Building

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Exprimer la vie intellectuelle et culturelle
L'architecture et l'aménagement

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Commerce / Services commerciaux
Bureau ou édifice à bureaux


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Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador,
1 Springdale Street, St. John's, NL,
A1C 5V5

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