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The Weaver's House

1131, Mill Street, Manotick, Ontario, K4M, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 1984/05/22

close look at the window detailing at the Weaver's House; RHI 2006
The Weaver's House
front facade of the Weaver's House; RHI 2006
The Weaver's House
detailed look at the brick work at the Weaver's House; RHI 2006
The Weaver's House

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The Waddel House
The Weaver's House

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Inscrit au répertoire canadien: 2009/10/28

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Built in 1904 for James Waddel, a tailor and ex-school teacher from the Carsonby area, the Weaver's House (as it is now known) is of red brick set on a rubble stone foundation with a truncated hip roof sheathed in pressed metal. It is located at 1131 Mill St., in the Village of Manotick.

The Weaver's House is recognized for its heritage value by the Township of Rideau (now City of Ottawa), By-law number 48/84.

Valeur patrimoniale

A good example of the vernacular Italianate style, typical of its era, the Weaver House reflects the residence of one of an early Manotick family who contributed to the development of the community.

The Weaver's House is a vernacular example of the Italianate style prevalent from the 1850's to the 1870's. These houses were often square, with low hipped roofs, bracketed eaves and round headed dormers. The truncated hip roof allows for extra headroom, in the finished attic.

Brick work similar to the Weaver's House is found on two other structures in Manotick; the Kiwanis building (present Public Library) across the street, and the old Thomas Beggs residence on the corner of Dickinson and John streets. Mason Charlie Dore did the masonry work on all three buildings; the decorative work and the general shape of the buildings and the kind of brick used are similar. The raised decorative brick on the Weaver's House is found on three sides of the house, except for the arching brick work found over all the windows. Even the tiny cellar windows half set in the foundation have the same arching brick work over them. It is interesting to note that the upper windows are overlapped by frieze and brackets beneath the eaves.

Also of some interest is the illusionary height achieved by both doors facing Mill Street. The transom windows, small wooden decorative arch, and the voussoirs create the impression of a very tall doorway.

The building is distinguished by segmented arched windows with carved designs above the sash. This same design is found above the transom of both exterior doors. Two semi-circular dormers with decorative wooden trim echo the curved design of the window openings and roof brackets add to the generous architectural detailing found on this building.

The Waddel family inhabited this residence until 1944 when it was sold to Mrs. S. Scott; in 1950 George McLean bought it and added a kitchen wing at the rear. In 1983 the house was purchased by a partnership who adapted it with a little alteration for use as a weaver's studio and craft shop, which led to the adoption of the 'Weaver's House' name.

Sources: Rideau Township Archives LACAC files (3420); City of Ottawa By-law 48/84.

Éléments caractéristiques

Character defining elements that reflect the heritage value of the Weaver's House include its:
- red brick construction, set on a rubble stone foundation
- truncated hip roof sheathed in pressed metal
- bracketed eaves
- segmented arched windows with decorative carved design
- brickwork, including voussoirs and strip courses




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Charlie Dore (mason)

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