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Hollingshead House

449, Eagle, Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 2008/08/18

Hollingshead House; Heritage Newmarket, 2009
Hollingshead House
Hollingshead House; Heritage Newmarket, 2009
Hollingshead House
Hollingshead House; Heritage Newmarket, 2009
Hollingshead House

Autre nom(s)

Hermit House
Hollingshead House

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Date(s) de construction

Inscrit au répertoire canadien: 2009/12/15

Énoncé d'importance

Description du lieu patrimonial

The Hollingshead House (also known as the Hermit House) is a one-and-a-half storey home of vertical plank construction, located at 449 Eagle Street in the Town of Newmarket.

The Hollingshead House has been designated, for its historical and architectural significance, by the Town of Newmarket, By-law number 2008-50.

Valeur patrimoniale

The Hollingshead house was originally located on a one acre property that was on part of lot eighty eight, in the first concession of King Township (located on the west side of Yonge Street).

It is suggested that Fanny and Silas Hollingshead built the plank portion of the house, from boards obtained from the sawmill, on Fanny's father's property, in circa 1846. This was probably just prior to the birth of their eldest son, George, who was 13 at the time of the King Township Census of 1861 (born 1848). The second son, James, born 1852, may possibly have been born in this house.

Silas Hollingshead was a doctor who later moved his family to Toronto to build his medical practice. After his death in 1881, his remains were buried in the Hicksite Cemetery just north of the original home. At this time, Fanny moved back to Newmarket and used the original residence as her rental investment property.

In 2002, the house was moved from its Yonge Street location, to its temporary quarters on the Cane Parkway, and in 2006 to its permanent location on Eagle Street. The residence has been renovated and is occupied as an office of Habitat for Humanity.

The residence is unique in construction, with a system devised by local carpenters in the early 1800s, when there was an almost limitless supply of pine lumber being processed by the many, local, water driven and later steam operated sawmills, in the district. The oldest part is constructed of vertical two inch planks of varying widths set on a mortised sill with a back plank spanning the crack of the butted planks. There is no actual frame constructed. The main floor joists are butted to the planks and sit on the sill. A plate is nailed to the planks for the second storey floor joists to sit on and another sill plate is nailed along the top to support the roof rafters.

The doors and window openings were cut out of the finished wall. The outer planks have been covered with regular style siding and the house appears to be similar to the usual frame houses of the period. There is a frame addition to the house but the date of its construction is unknown.

Sources: Town of Newmarket heritage designation By-law 2008-50; Heritage Newmarket file: 449 Eagle Street.

Éléments caractéristiques

The character defining elements which illustrate the heritage value of the Hollingshead House include its:
- one-and-a-half storey construction
- gable roof
- rare plank construction
- vertical planks, horizontal sill planks, mortised joints
- door and window openings




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Fanny and Silas Hollingshead

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Newmarket Historical Society 134 Main Street S. Newmarket, ON L3Y 3Y7 Heritage Newmarket C/O Town Clerk, Town of Newmarket Municipal Offices 395 Mulock Drive P.O. Box 328 STN Main Newmarket, ON L3Y 4X7

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