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A Collaborative Effort!

The Canadian Register of Historic Places (CRHP) exists because of a strong and effective collaborative effort between provincial, territorial and federal jurisdictions. Thanks to each level of government, the CRHP is an exceptional and definitive source for learning about Canada's heritage!


A decade ago, the conservation community in Canada lacked a standardized pan-Canadian approach to heritage conservation. Unlike most major developed nations in the world, Canada did not possess a comprehensive view of its built heritage. As a solution, a collaborative arrangement between the federal, territorial and provincial governments allowed the CRHP to quickly develop from a common vision into a pan-Canadian list of designated historic places accessible via a public Web site. In under a decade, the CRHP has grown from an idea into a list of over 12,300 historic places spanning the country. The CRHP is dependent on these partners working together to fulfill our shared need to understand, appreciate and monitor our historic places.

In the future, collaboration of the partners will be essential to the success of the CRHP. With the full participation of all provinces and territories, and the federal government, the CRHP can bring to Canadians the most comprehensive and accurate profile of the nation's historic places.

As a virtual gathering place for all jurisdictions, the new CRHP Web site will provide an accurate and searchable database, while also providing a place for information and documentation to be posted for Canadians to access.  An electronic copy of the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada - which has been adopted as the national standard for guidance on heritage conservation - will reside on the new Web site, as well as rotating featured articles provided by each jurisdiction and other partners.EpicAlberta

For example, recent initiatives, such as the New Brunswick Heritage Conservation Act was given royal assent on February 2010, or the Government of Alberta's exceptional road trip guidebook, "Epic Alberta", highlighting UNESCO world heritage sites and national, provincial and municipal historic places, are featured on the site for all Canadian citizens to read about and appreciate.

Through the new Web site, each jurisdiction can bring to the national stage their successes in heritage conservation. Each province and territory will profile their unique and special qualities as managers of their cultural resources. Canadians will have a better understanding and appreciation of their heritage, and they will be able to find information on how to protect their history and preserve it for future generations.