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Federal, Provincial and Territorial (F/P/T) governments recognize the contribution historic places make to our communities. Since 2001, the F/P/T governments have worked together through an initiative to jointly develop core programs. The Canadian Register of Historic Places (CRHP) provides a single source of information about all historic places recognized for their heritage value at the local, provincial, territorial and national levels throughout Canada.

With the Canadian Register you can:

  • Learn about other parts of Canada
  • Locate places to visit on vacation
  • Research history in your community
  • Create connections to your past

The Canadian Register is also a vehicle for F/P/T governments, heritage conservationists and other interested parties to enable Canadians to recognize, celebrate and protect historic places today and for future generations.

Remember, the Canadian Register is a work in progress. Current listings represent only a fraction of the total number of Canada's recognized historic places. New listings are added every week so if you don't find what you're looking for today, come visit the Canadian Register again!


A historic place is a structure, building, group of buildings, district, landscape, archaeological site or other place in Canada that has been formally recognized for its heritage value by an appropriate authority within a jurisdiction.

Over 20% of Canada's historic buildings have already been demolished. (That's the same as wiping out about 60 Canadian university campuses.) We need to work together to protect these remaining places. Make your choice - how do you want to protect a historic place near you?

Many historic places listed on the Canadian Register of Historic Places are publicly accessible; however, most places are privately owned. Listing of an historic place does not grant permission to enter. Please do not enter private property without permission. For those places that are publicly accessible, their listings may include links to websites that provide hours of operation. The Canadian Register allows everyone to discover Canada's amazing historic places.

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