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Something Old – Romantic Places to Say “I Do” in Halifax

Planning a wedding? Or know someone who is? If you're stumped for ideas, try something new by going for something old. Booking historic places for your wedding itinerary isn't as difficult as it might seem and it could even help keep your wedding green. And your plans will meet one old adage: something old.

In one of Canada's oldest cities, Halifax, Nova Scotia, bringing 'something old' into your special day keeps things fun, easy and even environmentally friendly! Invite your guests to make their first stop at the VIA Rail Station in downtown Halifax. A train ride into the port city gives visitors a perspective that airline travel cannot, and it is better for the environment. The historic train station's Beaux-Arts interior and classical facade will entice visitors to stop and marvel at its beauty. Whether they stay at the adjoining hotel or one nearby there are lots of other historic places to visit while you are finishing last minute details.

st george's churchYou have lots of options for ceremonial locations downtown. Choices include: St Paul's Anglican Church National Historic Site of Canada, St George's Anglican Church/Round Church National Historic Site of Canada (left) and St Mary's Basilica National Historic Site of Canada all offer beautiful, historic spaces for traditional wedding ceremonies. St Paul's Anglican is not only the oldest church in Halifax but is also the oldest Anglican church in North America! And if you enjoy a dark twist, you can entertain your guests with eerie tales about the building. Although these three locations may suffice for some, don't worry if you're not a churchgoer. There's something for everyone here in Halifax and this next location will offer you ceremony space and a prime photo location next door that's sure to be unique!

old burying groundSay "I do" at the Halifax Court House National Historic Site of Canada and then go next door to the Old Burying Ground National Historic Site of Canada (right) to snap a few photos that will be sure to stand out in your grandmother's photo album! The Halifax Court House was built from 1858 - 1860 and is noted for its Classical Revival architecture. The Old Buying Ground is not only notable for its links to the earliest days of Halifax, but also for the wide array of gravestone art. Pair these two historic places for a very non-traditional but still very historic wedding day!

Looking for a more traditional photo location in Halifax? The Town Clock on Citadel Hill, facing Brunswick Street, provides a beautiful backdrop for any couple. But if you're having a morning ceremony and find yourself taking photos on Citadel Hill, be warned that the 78th Highland Regiment will be in the fort and about to fire the noon gun! Another way to keep track of the time is the clock itself which has been operating since October 1803 so it's a reliable clue as to whether or not you have time to also visit this next photo location - just over the hill.

public gardensThe Halifax Public Gardens National Historic Site of Canada (left) is an excellent example of a Victorian garden. The gardens are a popular spot for wedding photos where any patch of grass, flower bed or bridge will serve as a beautiful backdrop, no matter how many other brides are vying for space. Depending on your reception and time, you may want your guests to explore the gardens; they will be able to stretch their legs, have a treat at the Tea Room or take in the delightful music from the red-roofed bandstand.

If your ceremony and reception are close to Halifax's waterfront you can invite guests to visit the Keith Hall and Brewery, home to Alexander Keith's well-known beers. Guests can easily walk the historic place and enjoy its adaption into a modern day space for visitors.

You've tied the knot, taken some photos and all that's left to do is eat and dance the night away! There are lots of historic hotels, halls and museums that will vie for your attention - but what about turning to the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada or Pier 21 National Historic Site of Canada for your party? Both represent Halifax's maritime connections, the Citadel for defence and Pier 21 for immigration. The Halifax Citadel has many venues available for stand up or sit down receptions and has a large parade ground that could be the site of a great historic dance party! Pier 21 is no stranger to welcoming people from all over the world, including war brides! It also offers lovely views of Halifax Harbour and is a short walk away from many hotels and the VIA Rail Station.

No matter how young you are, your wedding will be more memorable with the right mix of historic backdrops and venues! As for the something new, something borrowed and something blue - we'll let you take care of that!

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