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Lighthouse; Western Islands

Double Top Island, Western Islands, Ontario

The Western Islands lighthouse consists of an octagonal wooden tower which features a wide base, tapered walls and a flared cornice supporting a slender octagonal gallery. A…

Front Range Lighthouse

Port Dalhousie, Ontario

The Front Range Lighthouse is prominently situated at the end of a water swept concrete pier, one of a pair of lighthouses that forms the harbour entrance at Port Dalhousie, Lake…

Queensport Lighthouse

Rook Island, Nova Scotia

The Queensport Lighthouse combines a lighthouse and keepers’ dwelling, a popular design for lighthouses in remote areas. The two-storey, wood frame residence is surmounted by a…

Walpole Island Upper A34 Lighthouse

River Road North, Walpole Island, Ontario

Walpole Island Upper A34 is a square-tapered, reinforced-concrete lighthouse with no lantern. It is located in the South Channel of the St. Clair River in Ontario, adjacent to…

North Cape Lighthouse

2183 Rte. 12, Seacow Pond, Prince Edward Island

This lighthouse warns mariners of the dangerous two mile reef where the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Northumberland Strait meet at the most northern point in Prince…

Pointe-au-Père Lighthouse National Historic Site of Canada

1034 Lighthouse Road, Pointe-au-Père, Quebec

Pointe-au-Père Lighthouse National Historic Site of Canada is a navigation aid centre located on a headland facing the St. Lawrence River at the limit of coastal waters and the…

Cape Bear Lighthouse

42 Black Brook Road, Beach Point, Prince Edward Island

Located down a secluded red clay road in southeastern Prince Edward Island in Kings County, the Cape Bear Lighthouse is a three storey tapered wooden tower with an iron lantern. …

Cape Bear Lighthouse

Black Brook Road, Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island

The Cape Bear Lighthouse is a wooden square-tapered tower. Built in 1881, the lighthouse achieves a height of 12.2 metres (40 feet) from base to vane. It was decommissioned and…

Sheringham Point Lighthouse

Sheringham Point Road, Shirley, British Columbia

The Sheringham Point Lighthouse has stood on the west coast of Vancouver Island since 1912. The white hexagonal reinforced concrete tower tapers upward, flanked on each side by…

Rear Range Lighttower

East Pier, Port Dalhousie, Ontario

The Rear Range (Lighthouse) is a prominent structure on the edge of the concrete eastern pier, one of a pair of lighthouses that forms the harbour entrance at Port Dalhousie,…

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