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Caledonia Town Hall

80, Caithness Street E., Haldimand County, Ontario

The Caledonia Town Hall, built in 1857, is now the Edinburgh Square Heritage and Cultural Centre, in downtown Caledonia. This two-storey public building includes an eclectic mix…

McKinnon-Smith Residence

156, Caithness Street E., Haldimand County, Ontario

Built in ca. 1850, the two-storey Georgian style, McKinnon-Smith Residence, demonstrates the wealth and prominence of the McKinnon family, founders of Caledonia, Ontario. Located…

Toll House

4, Argyle Street N., Haldimand County, Ontario

The Toll House is a two-storey, gable roofed, Gothic Victorian structure on the east side of the Grand River, at 4 Argyle Street, in Caledonia. It is one of the first buildings…

Old Caledonia Mill

149, Forfar Street W., Haldimand County, Ontario

The Old Caledonia Mill, at 149 Forfar Street West, was constructed in 1857 by James Little, and is one of the best examples of early Haldimand County economic ability. This large…

Seneca Bridge

651, Caithness Street E., Haldimand County, Ontario

The Seneca Bridge is a small steel and concrete bridge, crossing the Black Creek on the River Road (Highway 54, between Caledonia and Cayuga), in Haldimand County. Following the…

Thompson-Colwell House

86, Sutherland Street E., Haldimand County, Ontario

The Thompson-Colwell House, at 86 Sutherland Street East in Caledonia and facing Edinburgh Square, was the manse for the Sutherland Street Presbyterian Church, which stood next…

Caledonia Town Hall

80, Caithness Street, Caledonia, Ontario

The former Caledonia Town Hall is located at 80 Caithness Street East, in the community of Caledonia, in Haldimand County. Constructed in 1857, the two storey brick building was…



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