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Bentley House

3590 Brock Road, Brougham, Ontario

Bentley House, situated amongst mature trees and set back from the road, is prominently located in the historic village of Brougham. It is a well-proportioned, two-storey, brick…

Former Commercial Hotel

1709 Highway 7 Road, Brougham, Pickering Airport Lands, Ontario

The Former Commercial Hotel in Brougham, Ontario consists of a two-storey brick building with a gable roof and features pointed arched windows prominently positioned in two…

Former Miller Residence

1622 Highway 7 Road, Brougham, Ontario

The Former Miller Residence, located in Brougham Ontario, consists of a two-storey brick building with a gable roof and features dichromatic brickwork, semi-arched windows, and…

Former Pickering Town Hall

3545 Brock Road, Pickering, Ontario

The Former Pickering Township Hall consists of a one-storey wood frame structure on a stone foundation, with a gable roof, a symmetrical façade and large paned windows. Located on…

Art Gallery; Former Brougham School House

1613 Highway 7, Pickering, Ontario

The Art Gallery / Former Brougham School House is a well-built, one-storey, rectangular red brick building with classically derived proportions, a broad gable roof, returned…



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