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Vimy Barracks (B-6)

Kingston, Ontario

Vimy Barracks (B-6), also known as McKee Hall, is a concrete structure set within a group of buildings marking the north edge of the parade square at Vimy Barracks, CFB Kingston.…

Prince George Hotel

200 Ontario Street, Kingston, Ontario

This is a composition of pre-1850 limestone, commercial buildings integrated into a Second Empire, mansard-roofed style hotel. Situated within Kingston's historic Market Square,…

Fort Champlain Cadet Quarters (B34)

RMC Kingston, Ontario

The Fort Champlain Cadet Quarters (B34) is a four-storey, symmetrical, rusticated limestone building with a C-shaped footprint and gable roof that features two projecting wings…

Health Care Clinic (Building B-62)

Kingston, Ontario

The Health Care Clinic is located in the northwest corner of the McNaughton Barracks at CFB Kingston, and is an average sized, modern building that consists of a three-storey,…

Custom House

294 King Street East, Kingston, Ontario

Situated in the Market Square heritage district of Kingston, the Custom House, also known as Kingston Customs House, is a two-storey, flat-roofed, rectangular, stone building,…


100 Montreal Street, Kingston, Ontario

Located in a residential and commercial district in the former Royal Artillery Park, the Armoury, also known as the Kingston Drill Hall, is a two-storey, heavy stone structure. A…

Vincent Block / Administration Office

Kingston, Ontario

Fort Frontenac is situated at the eastern entrance to Kingston where the Cataraqui River drains into Lake Ontario. Situated within the Canadian Forces complex at Fort Frontenac,…

De Noyan Block

Kingston, Ontario

At the eastern entrance to the city, located at Fort Frontenac National Historic Site of Canada, the De Noyan Block is a simple rectangular two-storey, stone structure with a…

LaSalle Block

Kingston, Ontario

At the eastern entrance to the city, located in the Fort Frontenac National Historic Site of Canada, LaSalle Block is a long rectangular two-storey, stone structure with a low…

Bradstreet Block

Kingston, Ontario

The Fort Frontenac National Historic Site, Bradstreet Block is located within the walled Tête de Pont barracks in Fort Frontenac which lies at the eastern edge of the City of…

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