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North Gower Old Town Hall

6581, Fourth Line Road, City of Ottawa, Ontario

The North Gower Old Town Hall was built in 1876 as the Township's first municipal building. This one-storey brick building is situated on Main Street at Roger Stevens Drive, in…

The Thomas Craig House

6607, Fourth Line Road, Ottawa, City of, Ontario

This red brick building with its buff brick trim occupies a prominent position on the Main Street of North Gower. It represents the early commercial development of the village.…

The Beggs House

2323, Roger Stevens Drive, North Gower, Ontario

Built in 1896, the two-storey, L-shaped Beggs House is an excellent example of late 19th century domestic architecture. Its history adds considerable knowledge to North Gower's…

The Kelly House

6576, Main Street (Fourth Line), North Gower, Ontario

This two-and-one-half storey red brick house on the west side of Main Street was designed and built around 1910 by Tom Mills and his sons, for the family of his son William. As…



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