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Bryan House

6700, Rideau Valley Drive S, Kars, Ontario

Built in the 1870's, the style of the Bryan House is typical of Ontario houses of the period, when bricks became the preferred building finish, and the front gable plan (with the…

Lindsay House

6722, Rideau Valley Drive South, City of Ottawa, Ontario

Erected in 1905, the Lindsay House is a two-and-one-half storey residential building located at 6722 Rideau Valley Drive South in the community of Kars. Rich in architectural…

St. Louis House

1579, Washington Street, Kars (City of Ottawa), Ontario

Constructed in circa 1859, the St. Louis House is one of the first houses built in the village of Kars. Located in the heart of Kars, on the northwest corner of Nelson and…

The (James) Lindsay House

6836, Rideau Valley Drive South, Kars (City of Ottawa), Ontario

The Lindsay House is a one-and-a-half storey stone farm house, with a centre gable. The Lindsay House was built in 1850 and is located at 6836 Rideau Valley Drive South, near…

Trinity United Church

6656, Rideau Valley Drive S., Ottawa, City of, Ontario

Built in 1894-95 to replace an earlier wooden church which stood on the same property about 50 feet to the north, the Trinity United Church is a rock faced stone building of…

The Eastman House

6727, Lord Nelson Street, City of Ottawa (Kars), Ontario

The Eastman House is located at 6727 Lord Nelson Street, in the Village of Kars, formerly the Township of Rideau but now the City of Ottawa. The Eastman House was built in the…

Martin House

6732, Rideau Valley Drive South, Kars (City of Ottawa), Ontario

The Martin House is a two-and-a-half storey gabled structure with an attached former rake factory at the rear and is located at 6732 Waterloo Street in the Village of Kars. The…



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