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Old Guysborough Court House Museum

283 Church Street, Guysborough, Nova Scotia

The Old Guysborough Court House Museum is located in the heart of the rural community of Guysborough, NS. Built in a simple meeting house style in 1842-1843, the historic place is…

Harbour House

163 Green Street, Guysborough, Nova Scotia

The Harbour House is a one and one half storey, wood frame structure, with a gable roof dormer at the center of the front façade and a Scottish dormer on either side. The date of…

Dominion Public Building

1713 Bedford Row, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Dominion Public Building is located in downtown Halifax. It is a large, Art Deco skyscraper consisting of a “stepped”, “setback”, central domed tower flanked by lower,…

Jost House

62 Main Street, Guysborough, Nova Scotia

Jost House is located on the Guysborough Harbour side of Main Street in Guysborough, Nova Scotia. This one-and-one-half storey Gothic Revival home is set close to the street…

Campbell & MacKeen Law Office

146 Main St., Guysborough, Nova Scotia

The Campbell & McKeen Law Office, built in 1870, is a renovated one-and-one-half storey gable roofed house, fronting Main Street in the village of Guysborough NS. It now serves…

Jost’s Wharf Building

Guysborough, Nova Scotia

The Jost Wharf Building is a renovated marine warehouse located on Jost’s Wharf on the waterfront in the centre of Guysborough, Nova Scotia, behind what is now the Rare Bird Pub. …

Christ Church Anglican

144 Church St., Guysborough, Nova Scotia

Christ Church is a small white church at the corner of Church and Pleasant Streets in Guysborough, beside the village's oldest cemetery and the community's Cenotaph. This…



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