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Victor Beausoleil Broussard Village

Parkin Street, Salisbury, New Brunswick

This site is a municipal park, located south of Main Street in Salisbury, bounded on the east by McNaughton Brook and on the south by Petitcodiac River. Within this natural site…

Salisbury Masonic Temple

3132 Main Street, Salisbury, New Brunswick

The Salisbury Masonic Temple is a two-storey red-brick Greek Revival hall with front-facing gable roof. It is located on Main Street in Salisbury.

Rose Horsman Building

2699 Fredericton Road, Salisbury, New Brunswick

The Rose Horsman Building is a rectangular two-storey Georgian Revival former school building with a hipped roof located on Fredericton Road in Salisbury.

Parker House

100 Peter Street, Salisbury, New Brunswick

The Parker House is a two-storey wood-framed former farmhouse with a side-gable roof. It is located near the railway on the extension of Peter Street in Salisbury.

Depot Railway Hotel

87 Horsman Street, Salisbury, New Brunswick

The Depot Railway Hotel is a side-gabled wood-framed two-storey Colonial Revival building. It was formerly a hotel associated with the railway.

Beck House

2622 River Road, Salisbury, New Brunswick

The Beck House is a mid- to late-19th century wood-framed vernacular home, built in three sections with distinct gable roofs. It is located near the Petitcodiac on the River Road…



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