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Craigflower Manor House National Historic Site of Canada

110 Island Highway, Victoria, British Columbia

The Craigflower Manor House was built between 1853 and 1856, mainly from materials cut, hewn and milled in the vicinity. It is a two-storey timber frame building with a…

Craigflower Schoolhouse

2755 Admirals Road, Saanich, British Columbia

Craigflower Schoolhouse is a two-storey, gable-roofed building on Admirals Road, just north of the Craigflower Bridge in Saanich, BC. The land on which the schoolhouse sits is on…

Craigflower Manor

110 Island Highway, View Royal, British Columbia

Craigflower Manor is a two-storey nineteenth-century farmhouse situated on a large grassy parcel of land overlooking the Gorge Waterway in View Royal, BC.

Tolmie School

556 Boleskin Road, Saanich, British Columbia

Tolmie School is a symmetrical two and one-half-storey Classically inspired Edwardian era brick building, located in the Saanich Core area of Saanich.

Mount View High School

3818 Carey Road, Saanich, British Columbia

Mount View High School is a two-storey schoolhouse in the British Arts and Crafts style, which sits on a large piece of property surrounded by parking asphalt and lawn. It is…

Hamilton Residence

355 Gorge Road West, Saanich, British Columbia

The Hamilton Residence is a one-and-one-half storey wood-frame Craftsman style house situated on the north bank of the Gorge Waterway in the Tillicum area of Saanich.

Home Lumber Company Office

470 Ardersier Road, Saanich, British Columbia

The Home Lumber Office is a small-scale one-storey contemporary office building, composed of timber and glass set on a terrazzo podium, located in the Saanich Core area of Saanich.

Tillicum School

3155 Albina Street, Saanich, British Columbia

Tillicum School is a two-storey wood-frame Arts and Crafts-influenced institutional building in the Tillicum area of Saanich.

Horspool Residence

321 Gorge Road, Saanich, British Columbia

The Horspool Residence is a hipped-roof brick and wood house, with surrounding gardens, located on the north shore of the Gorge Waterway in Saanich.

Hampton Hall

274 Hampton Road, Saanich, British Columbia

Hampton Hall is comprised of a one-storey wood-frame Arts and Crafts-style field house, with associated lawn bowling greens, situated in Hampton Park in the Tillicum area of…

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