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Semiahmoo Trail

Surrey, British Columbia

The Semiahmoo Trail is a late nineteenth century historic trail/wagon road, today consisting of linear parks and City streets. It runs from the Nicomekl River, south to 20th…

Elgin Hall

14250 Crescent Road, Surrey, British Columbia

The Elgin Hall is a single-storey, wood-frame vernacular building with a gabled roof, gabled entry hall and gabled porch.

Daniel Johnson House

13951 Crescent Road, Surrey, British Columbia

The Daniel Johnson House is a symmetrical two-storey Edwardian era house, with wraparound verandah. It has a significant set back from Crescent Road, in the neighbourhood of Elgin…

Stewart Farm

13723 Crescent Road, Surrey, British Columbia

Stewart Farm comprises a two storey wood-frame farmhouse with a deep veranda on the south and east sides, surrounded by seven associated farm buildings: root cellar, wood shed,…

Crescent Road

Crescent Road, Surrey, British Columbia

The Crescent Road corridor in southwest Surrey is a 4.5 kilometre length of two-lane road, with gentle curves, hills and landscaped verges covered with lush vegetation. Its…

Elgin Centre School

3530 144th Street, Surrey, British Columbia

Elgin Centre School is a one-storey vernacular rural schoolhouse located in a park-like setting in South Surrey. Typical of standardized school architecture of the time, it is…

Royal Oak Trees, King George Highway

King George Highway, Surrey, British Columbia

The Royal Oak Trees are a row of ceremonial trees set along the wide side boulevards of the King George Highway, from the Nicomekl River near Crescent Road to the convergence with…

Mud Bay School

4382 King George Highway, Surrey, British Columbia

Mud Bay School is a one-storey wood-frame building with a rectangular plan and hipped roof located in the Mud Bay neighbourhood, adjacent to the King George Highway, between the…



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