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La Chapelle de Notre-Dame-du-Bons-Secours

80, rue Pierre, Winnipeg, Manitoba

La Chapelle de Notre-Dame-du-Bons-Secours, a simple open-air chapel constructed in 1875, is situated at an important intersection in Winnipeg's historic community of St. Norbert.…

Trappist Monastery Ruins

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Trappist Monastery Ruins are the brick and stone remnants of a religious complex constructed in 1903-05 in St. Norbert, now a south Winnipeg suburb. The provincial designation…

Guest House

100 rue des Ruins de Monastere, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Guest House at the former Trappist Monastery site is a three-storey wood-frame structure crowned with a mansard roof punctuated by dormers. Constructed in 1912 on the…

McDougall House

3514 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, Manitoba

McDougall House is a 1 1/2-storey log dwelling built in 1883 in the Lorette area and relocated a century later to an interpretive centre in the south Winnipeg suburb of St.…

Pembina Highway House

3514 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Pembina Highway House is a 1 1/2-storey wood-frame structure erected in ca. 1884 and expanded in ca. 1903 in the heart of St. Norbert, now part of south Winnipeg. The City of…

Red River Floodway National Historic Site of Canada

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Red River Floodway National Historic Site of Canada is part of a massive flood control system that lies east of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The city itself is located on a flood plain…



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