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Scott Fruit Company Warehouse

319 Elgin Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Solid and sturdy, the three-storey Scott Fruit Warehouse stands in a transitional area between a residential neighbourhood to the west and Winnipeg's downtown warehouse district…

Postal Station “B”

1048 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Postal Station “B”, a large stone and brick building with classical detailing, is situated on a corner lot in downtown Winnipeg. The prominent design of the flat-roof building was…

Central Normal School (Winnipeg)

442 William Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Central Normal School is a 2 1/2 -storey Neo-Classical stone building constructed in 1904-06 in a transitional area between downtown Winnipeg and residential neighbourhoods to…

Ukrainian Labor Temple

591 Pritchard Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Ukrainian Labor Temple, long a hub of cultural activity in Winnipeg, occupies a prominent corner in an older mixed-use neighbourhood in the North End. The large…

First Scandinavian Mission Church

268 Ellen Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

First Scandinavian Mission Church is a modest-sized Romanesque Revival-style church built in 1897. The brick-veneer structure is prominently located on a corner lot in a mixed…

Garry Telephone Exchange Building

474 Hargrave Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Garry Telephone Exchange Building, a four-storey reinforced concrete and masonry structure built in 1907-09, occupies a busy street corner next to a number of its commercial…

St. John's Telephone Exchange Building

405 Burrows Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The two-storey St. John's Telephone Exchange Building, a masonry structure erected in 1910-11 and twice expanded, occupies a prominent corner in an older mixed-use neighbourhood…

W.M. Ashdown House

121 Kate Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The W.M. Ashdown House is a two-storey brick-clad residence built in 1882 and situated mid-block in a mixed-use neighbourhood in Winnipeg's inner city. The City of Winnipeg…

Fire Hall No. 3

56 Maple Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Fire Hall No. 3, a solid 2 1/2-storey brick and stone structure with a dominant tower, built in 1904, stands near the Main Street business district, industrial buildings and homes…

North End Police Substation

200 Charles Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The North-End Police Substation is a two-storey red brick and stone structure completed in 1911 on a street corner in one of Winnipeg's early residential neighbourhoods. The City…

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