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Captain MacDougall House

12559 Havre Boucher Road, Havre Boucher, Nouvelle-Écosse, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 1996/11/19

Bay window on the Captain Angus MacDougall House, Havre Boucher.; Heritage Division, N.S. Dept. of Tourism, Culture and Heritage, 2009.
Five-sided single storey bay window
Rear perspective, Captain Angus MacDougall House, Havre Boucher.; Heritage Division, N.S. Dept. of Tourism, Culture and Heritage, 2009.
Rear perspective
Front perspective of the Captain Angus MacDougall House.; Heritage Division, N.S. Dept. of Toursim, Culture and Heritage, 2009.
Front perspective

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1880/01/01 à 1880/12/31

Inscrit au répertoire canadien: 2010/01/14

Énoncé d'importance

Description du lieu patrimonial

The Captain MacDougall house is a well-maintained example of vernacular architecture. Situated in a small village and set back from the main road, it is located at 12559 Havre Boucher Road, Antigonish County. The house and property are included in the municipal designation.

Valeur patrimoniale

This building is valued for its association with Captain Angus MacDougall. He was a native of Cape George, Antigonish County born September 10, 1830, a son of John and Mary (nee MacInnis) MacDougall. He married twice: first to Mary McKeough of Linwood in 1868 and secondly to Catherine MacDonald of Taylors Road circa 1892. From the first marriage there were five children and from the second marriage two children. He died at Havre Boucher January 21, 1906.

A man of many talents he was a carpenter, merchant, Justice of the Peace and Master Mariner. He settled at Havre Boucher circa 1866, after being at sea. He maintained a business relationship with the sea as the owner of two schooners the "Mary Ellen" and the "Nine Brothers". He participated in the active cattle trade between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, and purchased fish for resale in his Havre Boucher business. In July of 1884, the "Mary Ellen" was challenged in a well publicized race with C.B. Whidden's schooner the "Alto". According to the A F Church map, Angus MacDougall is listed as being a dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries and Crockery. On the 1886 Voter's List, he is listed as Esquire.

According to family tradition, Captain MacDougall sold a ship that he owned in order to finance the building of this house. The house is valued for being a well preserved example of Modified Gothic architecture. It is one-and-one-half storey with an ell; its cladding is wood shingle and clapboard. The house features a single storey bay window and porch entry with hip roof. There are shed dormers and the foundation is brick and stone.

Source: Municipality County of Antigonish Registered Heritage Property file no. 683

Éléments caractéristiques

Character-defining elements include the following:
- stone and brick foundation;
- single storey bay window;
- bargeboard trim;
- shingle and clapboard cladding;
- shed dormers.




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Administrations locales (N.-É.)

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Heritage Property Act

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Établir une vie sociale et communautaire
L'éducation et le bien-être de la société

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MacDougall, Angus Captain

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Municipality County of Antigonish, 285 Beech Hill Rd Antigonish, NS B2G 2L4, Registered Heritage Property file no. 683

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