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Lobosco-Foote House

103, State Street, Welland, Ontario, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 2002/07/16

Lobosco-Foote House on State Street; Photo taken by Katie Hemsworth, Brock University, 2007
Lobosco-Foote House
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Inscrit au répertoire canadien: 2010/01/25

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The LoBosco-Foote House is a two storey, 1931, Prairie style house in Welland featuring a red brick exterior. It is located at 103 State Street, off of Kent Street.

The property is designated under the City of Welland By-law No. 2002-122.

Valeur patrimoniale

The LoBosco-Foote House was built in 1931 for Pietro and Adelina Messina LoBosco, Sicilian immigrants arriving in Welland in 1910. Pietro LoBosco ran the Service Barber Shop, on East Main Street, and raised his family (including children Peter, Verna, Rose, Mary and Josephine) in the house on State Street. Mr. LoBosco hired an Italian contractor from Niagara Falls, whose name remains unknown, to build the house. The house remained in the LoBosco family's possession for nearly 60 years.

The house is an example of Prairie Style architecture, a style popularized between 1910 and 1930 by Frank Lloyd Wright and brought to Canada by architect Francis C. Sullivan, of Ottawa. Elements of the house that exhibit this style of architecture include its horizontal eave line, tall chimney and the geometric glazing of one of its original windows located on the east side of the house. The two storey house is constructed of brick, displaying windows grouped in twos with white trim and shutters, and a central gable window above the eave line. The house's front entrance projects slightly from the front façade to add to the house's appealing character.

The interior of the house shows strong Italianate influence, with many materials and finishes imported from Italy. Its original oak woodwork and hardwood floors have been maintained, as well as the original built-in bookcases on either side of the brick fireplace, which still has its 1930s electric fireplace heater. In the living room, the intricate plaster cover moulding at the ceiling with acanthus over egg and dart motif contributes to the interior's charm. The house is one of a few examples, in the area, of a Prairie style residence.

The house's exterior features and landscaping blend well with the surrounding neighbourhood, contributing to the character of the area. In the context of its neighbourhood, the LoBosco-Foote House is a familiar structure, and is one of several houses in its area to be designated.

Sources: The Lobosco-Foote House, Nora Reid, Welland LACAC Committee, 2000; LoBosco-Foote House, Heritage Welland Committee, City of Welland, 2006; The City of Welland By-law No. 2002-122.

Éléments caractéristiques

Character defining elements that reflect the heritage value of the LoBosco-Foote House include its:
- horizontal eave line
- windows in groups of two and three
- geometric glazing of an original window on the east side of the house
- tall chimney
- projected front entrance
- original Italian hanging ceiling light fixture in rear entrance hall
- original cold room/wine cellar on the north side
- door with bevelled glass between the front hall and the living room
- 1930's brick fireplace in living room with original electric fire
- egg and dart and acanthus plaster cornice in the living room
- original key winding thermostat on the east wall of dining room
- two hand-painted solid brass sidelights (one on south wall of dining room)
- hand painted curtain rods and light fixtures
- hand painted ceiling light fixture in the second floor den
- Italian tile in the second floor bathroom
- original oak woodwork and hardwood floors
- siting in a historic neighbourhood




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