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Charles F. Dewolf House

2125 Brunswick Street, Halifax, Nouvelle-Écosse, B3K, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 1993/09/02

Charles F. DeWolf House, east elevation, 2004; Heritage Division, N.S. Dept. of Tourism, Culture and Heritage
Front elevation
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1869/01/01 à 1875/01/01

Inscrit au répertoire canadien: 2004/09/07

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Description du lieu patrimonial

The Charles F. DeWolf house is a three-storey, Halifax variation of the Italianate style and was once the residence of shipping agent, Charles F. DeWolf. The house is an elaborately decorative townhouse built on Brunswick Street overlooking the Halifax dockyards. The designation applies to the footprint of the house and its surrounding property.

Valeur patrimoniale

The Charles F. DeWolf house is valued because of its historical associations, architectural merits and the social and cultural context in which the building was built.

Historic Value

The historic place was the residence of Charles F. DeWolf (ca.1838-1885), a prominent Halifax shipping agent. DeWolf is thought to have begun work in 1864 in Halifax for his fathers company T.A.S DeWolf and Son and shortly thereafter his house was built around 1869-1879. Born in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Charles F. DeWolf was son of Thomas DeWolf and great-grandson of Nathan Dewolf who settled there in 1761. DeWolf was recognized for being active in the business community, advocating Halifax as a winter port and was considered responsible for securing a grain elevator and deep water terminus in Halifax. A steward in the Brunswick Street Methodist Church, Charles F. DeWolf was held in high regard during his life in Halifax.

Architectural Value

The design of the house can be described as a Halifax variation of the Italianate style. The Halifax variation is notable in its low-pitched truncated roof, where a square hipped roof is more commonly associated with the style. The house also has a rarely found Italianate style incorporated into the front of the façade. This is seen in the small, oval attic windows and detailed window arches of the first and second floors. The architecture, with its size and the scale of the building create a distinguished structure representative of the owner’s status.

Environmental Value

The social and cultural context of the Charles F. DeWolf house has been altered over time as changes occurred in the surrounding landscapes. The original designation associated values with the buildings location in relation to the Naval Dockyards. At the time of its construction it was common for shipping agents and merchants to reside in large residences in the Brunswick Street area that overlooked the busy docks.

"City of Halifax Research Report, Charles F. DeWolf House, 2125 Brunswick Street." Completed by: Dan Morris, Heritage Planner, Development and Planning Department, City of Halifax, February 4, 1993 found in file 2125 Brunswick Street at Planning and Development Services.

Éléments caractéristiques

Key character-defining elements associated with the Charles F. DeWolf House include:

- location in association with the Naval Dockyards and the Halifax Waterfront;
- features that are a Halifax variants on Italianate style including the low-pitched truncated roof with widely overhanging eaves having decorative brackets beneath;
- small oval attic windows reflect window arches of the first and second floors;
-decorative details such as the bracketed entryway and bracketed window hoods on the second floor;
-inverted U-shaped window crowns;
-elliptical window transoms over the door;
-decorative motif on the foundation;
- original building materials including the brick and wood and a stone foundation.




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Heritage Property Act

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HRM Planning and Development Services, 6960 Mumford Road, Halifax, NS, B3L 4P1, file 2125 Brunswick Street

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