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Thorold's Carnegie Library

1, Ormond Street, Thorold, Ontario, L2V, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 1998/06/02

Thorold's Carnegie Library, now a Senior's Centre; Callie Hemsworth, 2008
Carnegie Library
Front view of the former Carnegie Library on Ormond Street; Callie Hemsworth, 2008
Thorold's Carnegie Library
Northeast view of Thorold's Carnegie Library; Callie Hemsworth, 2008
Carnegie Library

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Thorold's Carnegie Library, built in 1912, is a one-storey red-brick building with two large white columns at the front entrance and a flat roof. Now known as the Thorold Senior's Centre, the former library is located adjacent to Chestnut Hall on the corner of Ormond Street and Albert Street, and is designated for its heritage value by the City of Thorold under By-law 2219(98).

Valeur patrimoniale

The historical value of Thorold's Carnegie Library lies in its association with Andrew Carnegie, who gained fame and success during his career in the American steel industry. Carnegie, a philanthropist who donated $10,000 for the construction of the library, donated over $56 million to fund over 2500 libraries in the English-speaking world throughout the early 1900s. Carnegie's generosity allowed several communities across Canada to have a basis for the development of literacy. The architect, A.E. Nicholson, also designed libraries for Grimsby and Merritton. Other important names associated with Thorold's library system included a long-term librarian named Minnie K. Tracy of the Tracy House, John G. Keefer as Thorold's original Librarian, Jacob Keefer as Vice President, and Reverend Thomas Brock Fuller acting as President.

Carnegie libraries imparted a sense of pride and stability in their host communities, and this can be seen in this particular library's strong and dignified design, adding architectural value to the streetscape. Despite being just one-storey tall, the solid red brick building with a flat roof stands out amidst other buildings in its nearby surroundings. The entranceway, located at the centre of the front facade, extends outwards and is decorated and supported by two massive white columns.

Source: City of Thorold By-law No. 2219(98): Notice of Intention to Designate

Éléments caractéristiques

Character-defining elements that reflect the heritage value of Thorold's Carnegie Library include:
-association with Andrew Carnegie, who funded the construction of the library along with over 2500 other libraries around the world
-association with architect A.E. Nicholson, also designed libraries for Grimsby and Merritton
-situation on a corner lot, enhancing its prominent appearance
-red brick construction
-two massive white columns flanking the entranceway




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A. E. Nicholson



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Heritage Files, Thorold Public Library, City of Thorold

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