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S.S. Moyie

324 Front Street, Kaslo, Colombie-Britannique, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 2011/07/26

324 Front Street, Kaslo. S.S. Moyie National Historic Site of Canada; BC Heritage Branch, 2012
front view of S.S. Moyie at dock
324 Front Street, Kaslo. Mirror Lake Post Office at S.S. Moyie site.; Village of Kaslo, 2012
Mirror Lake Post Office at S.S. Moyie site
324 Front Street, Kaslo. Miner's Cabin at S.S. Moyie site.; Village of Kaslo, 2012
miner's cabin at S.S. Moyie site

Autre nom(s)

S.S. Moyie
Sternwheeler Moyie

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Inscrit au répertoire canadien: 2012/08/21

Énoncé d'importance

Description du lieu patrimonial

The S.S. Moyie is a late nineteenth-century steam-propelled sternwheeler located on the south shore of Kaslo Bay on Kootenay Lake in British Columbia. She has been in dry dock since 1958. The additional structures of the S.S. Kuskanook Saloon, the Mirror Lake Post Office, the miner's cabin, the caboose and visitor centre, as well as the historic collections located throughout the site are included on the Kaslo Community Heritage Register.

Valeur patrimoniale

The S.S. Moyie is valued because she is the oldest intact Canadian-built passenger sternwheeler, and because of the significant role played by such vessels in the opening up and development of the interior of British Columbia. The heritage value of this site resides in its historical associations, in the physical properties of the vessel itself, and in the collections of historical items and artifacts housed within the vessel.

Value is added to this historic place by the presence of several structures that represent the importance of transportation, communication, and mining in the early twentieth century in the Kootenay region. The S.S. Kuskanook ladies' saloon, built in 1906, emphasizes the importance of passenger travel and symbolizes the increased need for sternwheeler transportation on Kootenay Lake at that time. The Mirror Lake Post Office, with its original mail slot and small scale, demonstrates the communication methods of the 1900s in the Kootenays. The miner's cabin, built by Matt Oledo in 1906, has value because it illustrates the living conditions of prospectors in the area and contrasts with the conditions present on the sternwheelers. The caboose is valued because it represents the connection of goods and passenger transportation between railway and sternwheelers. The visitor centre provides valuable context and information, and contributes to the welcoming atmosphere of this historic site.

Source: Village of Kaslo

Éléments caractéristiques

Key character-defining elements of the S.S. Moyie include its:

- location next to Kootenay Lake
- original massing, scale and proportions, surface materials, colours, hull configuration, and interior and exterior elements
- surviving working-life components of the vessel's fabric, including the hull, superstructure, propulsion and auxiliary systems, external components such as smoke stack, paddle wheel, hog posts and chains, capstan, interior layout, and fittings
- features typical of steam-powered lake vessels, including a shallow-draft, wood-sheathed hull, a lightly built superstructure, and a single, stern-mounted paddle wheel 5.9 meters in diameter with 17 buckets
- four rudders
- composite hull construction, consisting of steel frames to which wood planking is bolted
- propulsion machinery, including the locomotive-type boiler and two single-piston high-pressure horizontal engines
- collection of historical items and artifacts

Key character-defining elements of the S.S. Moyie site inlcude:

- S.S. Kuskanook Ladies' Saloon and all original components
- Mirror Lake Post Office
- miner's cabin built by Matt Oledo
- caboose
- visitor centre




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Administrations locales (C.-B.)

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Local Government Act, art.954

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1958/01/01 à 1958/01/01
1906/01/01 à 1906/01/01
1898/01/01 à 1898/01/01

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Économies en développement
Exploitation et production
Économies en développement
Communications et transport
Établir une vie sociale et communautaire
L'éducation et le bien-être de la société

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Transport maritime
Vaisseau, embarcation

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Bertram Engine Works

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Village of Kaslo Office

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