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Rossland Tennis Courts

2630 Leroi Avenue, Rossland, Colombie-Britannique, Canada

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View looking east of Rossland Tennis Courts, circa 1910. Rossland Museum Photo #21-284.; Rossland Museum Photo #21-284
People playing tennis on courts, circa1910
Tennis tournament, June 1915, taken at the club house.  Rossland Museum Photo #21-339.; Rossland Museum Photo #21-339
Tournament, June 1915, taken at the club house.
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Inscrit au répertoire canadien: 2014/11/18

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The Rossland Tennis Courts are located in a residential area in the north east portion of the City of Rossland, British Columbia, and accessed just off Park Street, a major collector road. The civic address is 2630 Leroi Avenue. The present extent of the property is seven 30' X 100' lots with the three courts taking up almost all of that area.

Valeur patrimoniale

The Rossland Tennis Courts are valued for their continuous use over the past hundred years. Their ongoing maintenance and periodic refurbishment demonstrates the long-held appreciation that Rosslanders have felt for tennis, recreation and outdoor pursuits.

A Society of interested people has always directed the operation and organization of tennis in Rossland - proof that the opportunities the courts provide for skill development, competition and exercise are not only utilized but also valued.

An identifiable characteristic of Rossland culture is the integration of outdoor sport and social activities and the Rossland Tennis Courts are yet another example of this aspect of Rossland culture which has been true for over one hundred years.

Source: City of Rossland, Planning Department

Éléments caractéristiques

Key elements that define the heritage character of the Rossland Tennis Courts include their:
- location in a wooded area with a panoramic view of the valley below
- quality playing surfaces and nets
- practice and storage area
- high fence surrounding the courts
- tennis courts
- public access and use




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Local Government Act, art.954

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Établir une vie sociale et communautaire
Les mouvements sociaux
Exprimer la vie intellectuelle et culturelle
Les sports et les loisirs

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City of Rossland, Planning Department

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