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Sacred Heart Catholic Church

2396 Columbia Avenue, Rossland, Colombie-Britannique, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 1989/03/13

2396 Columbia Avenue; City of Rossland, 2009
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
2396 Columbia Avenue; Rossland Museum
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, c.1915
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Inscrit au répertoire canadien: 2015/07/15

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Sacred Heart Catholic Church is located on the northwest corner lots at the intersection of Butte Street and Columbia Avenue in upper Rossland, British Columbia. It is a substantial building, (88' x 38') with a peaked roof and wood-clad walls, easily identifiable as a church with a tall bell tower/steeple and many very large stained glass windows. The main entrance, with double wooden doors, is on the east side.

Valeur patrimoniale

Sacred Heart Catholic Church is valued as a place of spiritual, religious and social significance to many generations of Rosslanders. The Catholic Church has played a role in Rossland's identity and development since the beginning of the gold mining era, starting with the first Catholic Church built in 1895.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church is the second Catholic Church to be built in Rossland, and it continues to be the anchor and focal point of the Catholic community. Since its construction in 1915, the church has provided a place for worship, religious services and celebrations, and family events such as christenings, weddings and funerals.

Designed in the style of Spanish Mission churches of California, the integrity of the original building has been kept - the only exception being the location of the main church entrance, which was moved to create safer and easier access. There are five buttresses visible on the exterior walls, allowing the interior of the Church to be open with no need of pillars or posts. A bell, acquired by the Sacred Heart Parish in 1900, resides in the bell tower. Four beautiful and large stained glass windows are located on both the east and west sides of the Church, and one on the south side, facing Columbia Avenue - all are in their original positions.

Sacred Heart Church is recognized as a visible testament to the efforts, and indeed sacrifices, of the many parishioners over the years who have provided the care, time, effort and money needed to create and maintain their spiritual home. Its presence evokes many memories and stories with connections to past events and people.

Alterations to the interior of the Church in 2013-2015 are a visible response by the parishioners to changing times. The social and educational activities previously held in the Parish Hall (built in the 1930s) and the Catechism Center (1960s), both located across Columbia Avenue, are now happening within a portion of the Church space itself in a newly-defined 'Gathering Place' complete with kitchen facilities.

Source: City of Rossland

Éléments caractéristiques

Key character-defining elements of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church include:

- Architectural style
- Stained glass windows
- Bell tower and bell
- Ongoing community access and use for over 100 years
- Signage on the exterior including name, use and service times
- A plaque on the exterior beside the entrance, identifying Sacred Heart Catholic Church as a significant Rossland heritage building




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Les institutions religieuses

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