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Terrace Heritage Park Museum

4702 Kerby Avenue, Terrace, Colombie-Britannique, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 1996/06/24

Terrace Heritage Park Museum, 4702 Kerby Avenue, Terrace, B.C.; City of Terrace, 2012
Museum grounds and structures
Terrace Heritage Park Museum, 4702 Kerby Avenue, Terrace, B.C.; City of Terrace, 2012
Log structures
Terrace Heritage Park Museum, 4702 Kerby Avenue, Terrace, B.C.; City of Terrace, 2012
Landscaping and artifacts

Autre nom(s)

Terrace Heritage Park Museum
Heritage Park Museum
Kalum Lake Hotel

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Inscrit au répertoire canadien: 2017/01/11

Énoncé d'importance

Description du lieu patrimonial

Terrace Heritage Park Museum is located on 1.73 acres of municipal park lands adjacent to a community park and a seniors' care facility within a residential neighbourhood north of downtown Terrace, British Columbia. The structures at Terrace Heritage Park Museum include eight historic log buildings dating from 1910 through 1930, a large post and beam artifact storage shed, an open-fronted post and beam wagon shed, a replica school house and a replica blacksmith shop. This recognition applies to the land as well as the buildings, structures, garden and physical landscape within the boundaries of Terrace Heritage Park Museum.

Valeur patrimoniale

The collection of original log structures at Terrace Heritage Park Museum has heritage value because it offers an example of historic log building techniques. This collection of buildings assembled at this site in 1983 is provides examples of the styles of construction that were employed by newcomers to the Terrace region when they first settled on land.

The collection of artifacts at Terrace Heritage Park Museum is significant because it offers a rare glimpse into the social and economic life of Terrace dating from the time of early British, European and Chinese settlement through to the 1960s.

A small heritage garden at Terrace Heritage Park Museum is valued because it supports a variety of plants that came from homesteads in the region. There are several ornamental plants and fruit trees scattered throughout the 1.73 acres which were donated by families that arrived in Terrace during its early years.

The museum's location also has significant heritage value due to the connection of this property with the First and Second World Wars. The location where Terrace Heritage Park Museum now stands was the site of a large military hospital constructed in the 1940s. This hospital was established to treat casualties in the event that a Japanese invasion occurred along the coast.

The City of Terrace has placed a time capsule at Terrace Heritage Park Museum containing items representative of the community on its 75th anniversary in 2003. This time capsule is valued by the community because it commemorates Terrace as it was in 2003 and will provide historical information to future citizens.

Source: City of Terrace

Éléments caractéristiques

Key elements that define the heritage character of Terrace Heritage Park Museum include:
- eight historic and authentic log buildings: Belway Mining Cabin (1910); Fred Hampton Barn (1912); Homesteader Cabin (1914); Lineman's Cabin (1919); Kalum Lake Hotel (1920); Bruce Johnstone Cabin (1921); Dix's Dance Hall (1925); Trapper's Cabin (1930)
- collection of artifacts housed in the buildings at the Museum
- heritage garden and heritage plants located on the museum grounds
- location on site of former WW2 hospital
- presence of time capsule on site




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Administrations locales (C.-B.)

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Local Government Act, art.967

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2003/01/01 à 2003/01/01
1940/01/01 à 1945/01/01
1983/01/01 à 1983/01/01
1910/01/01 à 1969/01/01

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