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St. Paul's Anglican Church and Heritage House

32 - 2 Avenue NE, McLennan, Alberta, T0H, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 2000/10/16

Heritage House Municipal Historic Resource (1999); Northern Alberta Historical Railroad Society, 1999
Front view.
St. Paul's Anglican Church and Heritage House Municipal Historic Resource (October 2003); Northern Alberta Historical Railroad Society, 2003
View from street.
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St. Paul's Anglican Church and Heritage House
St. Paul's Anglican Church and Manse

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Inscrit au répertoire canadien: 2005/04/15

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The St. Paul's Anglican Church and Heritage House consists of a small wood frame Gothic Revival style church building and a one and one-half storey wood frame residential building with Craftsman features located on two landscaped lots in the central area of McLennan.

Valeur patrimoniale

The heritage value of the St. Paul's Anglican Church lies in its association with the early development of McLennan and its growth in the years following World War Two and the role that it played both as a place of worship and as a social and community gathering centre in this bi-lingual community.

Built in 1931, St. Paul's Anglican Church was relocated a short distance to this site in 1949, adjacent to an existing house which was converted to serve as its Manse, now Heritage House. It is an excellent example of a small Gothic Revival style church of the inter-war years. Heritage House is a good representative example of a typical 1930s residential building with Craftsman Style influences, common in small communities throughout Alberta.

In addition to its use as a place of worship for Anglicans and other English speaking residents of McLennan and area, the church and manse were widely used by youth groups, women workers, "vanners", students and church army officers and became a focal point for community and social gatherings.

Owing to its prominent corner location in the centre of town, the St. Paul's Anglican Church and Heritage House are a significant local landmark and are two of only a few remaining buildings in McLennan that pre-date World War Two.

Source: Town of McLennan (File: 2004-11)

Éléments caractéristiques

The character-defining elements of the St. Paul's Anglican Church and Heritage House site include:
- the location and orientation of the buildings.

Character-defining elements of the St. Paul's Anglican Church include:
- Gothic Revival style features of the church building such as: form and massing, clapboard siding and contrasting wood trim, central tower with crenellated battlement, Gothic-arched door, windows and louvered openings in tower
- Cedar shingled gable roof;
- Interior elements such as: open beam ceiling, finishes, such as wainscoting and electrical fixtures, furnishings such as the baptismal font, lectern and pews, objects such as the original bible, prayer and hymn books, sacramental plate and circa 1900 organ.

Character-defining elements of Heritage House include:
- Craftsman features including: form and massing, details such as brackets, exposed rafter ends, fenestration patterns, clapboard siding and contrasting trim;
- Gable roof and cedar shingles;
- Interior finishes such as original wood floors and electrical fixtures.




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Town of McLennan, PO Box 356, McLennan AB, T0H 2L0 (File: 2004-11)

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