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Mason-Girardot House

3203, Peter Street, City of Windsor, Ontario, N9C, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 1978/02/06

This stately Victorian Italianate style house was built about 1879.; City of Windsor, Nancy Morand
Mason-Girardot House
Striking design features include the detailed facade, ornate wooden porches and bracketed eaves.; City of Windsor, Nancy Morand
Mason-Girardot House, from northeast
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The Mill Street Manor
Mason-Girardot House

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Inscrit au répertoire canadien: 2007/07/17

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The Mason-Girardot House is a stately two and one-half-storey, red brick structure in the Victorian Italianate style, built circa 1879. Located in the historic Sandwich area of west Windsor, at 3202 Peter Street, it is identifiable by its ornate wooden porches, prominent decorative brackets under wide eaves, round-headed windows with elaborate mouldings and other fine detailing.

The building and its original cast iron fence are recognized for their heritage value by City of Windsor Bylaw 5896, 1978.

Valeur patrimoniale

The house is prominently sited on a corner lot in the historic former Town of Sandwich and is in close proximity to other significant heritage properties on Mill and Sandwich Streets. Established in 1797, Sandwich is the oldest continuous European settlement west of Montreal.

The 19th century was an era of urban growth and development in Sandwich, and the building is named for its first two owners, both of whom were prominent merchants. It was originally built for George W. Mason, a magistrate, grocer and early mayor of Sandwich (1892). In 1895, it was purchased by merchant Francis Girardot, a son of Theodale Girardot, an educator and mayor of Sandwich from 1873 to 1877. Since 1982, it has housed a restaurant.

The Mason-Girardot House is an excellent example, and Windsor's only known example, of Victorian Italianate residential architecture. Largely unchanged since its construction in circa 1879, it is of red brick with limestone and cast concrete trim, accentuated by ornate wooden porches and other decorative treatments. This high styling design displays an ornamented entrance portico, projecting windows on the first-floor and a bracketed low-pitched hip roof punctuated with Victorian style dormers. Suitably surrounded by an original cast iron fence which runs along Mill and Peter Streets, this residence demands attention from its corner perch. The exquisite design features are carried forward into the interior and is complemented by the use of marble and the original staircase.

Sources: Building Analysis Form, December 1, 1997; City of Windsor Bylaw 5896, 1978; and City of Windsor Heritage Planner's files.

Éléments caractéristiques

Key character defining elements that express the heritage value include its:
- symmetrical design
- brick construction with limestone and cast concrete trim
- stone foundation with masonry load-bearing walls
- low-pitched hip roof with wide eaves and a flat crown
- elaborate bracketed cornice
- ornate wooden entrance portico and rear porch, supported by squared decorated columns
- hooded paired projecting windows on the first-floor
- tall, round-headed and arched windows with prominent mouldings, including pediment mouldings
- Victorian round roof dormers
- three small, round, stained glass windows on the northwest corner of the second storey
- original cast iron fencing along Peter and Mill Streets
- interior features such as two marble fireplaces and the original staircase.
- prominent siting on a corner lot (Mill and Peter Streets) in the heart of the historic Sandwich community
- its proximity to other significant heritage properties including the Duff-Baby House (1798), Mackenzie Hall (1855), Perry-Breault House (circa 1880)




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