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Stuart Scott Public School

247, Lorne Avenue, Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 2005/04/25

Stuart Scott Public School 2005; Heritage Newmarket
Stuart Scott Public School
Stuart Scott Public School 2005; Heritage Newmarket
Stuart Scott Public School
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Stuart Scott Public School is a well-preserved example of architecture employed in Ontario for school buildings. Constructed in 1923, this square, two-storey brick building is located at 247 Lorne Avenue and is the second oldest public school in Newmarket.

It is recognised for its heritage value by Town of Newmarket By-law 2005-43.

Valeur patrimoniale

In the early 20th century, Newmarket experienced a growth in population due to the availability of jobs in the manufacturing sector. With more families moving into the town, Newmarket's existing school could not accommodate the increased enrolment and the Newmarket Public School Board decided to construct a new facility on Lorne Avenue, near Eagle Street. It was the second public school to be erected in the Town of Newmarket.

The school was named for Stuart Scott (1860-1933), a doctor who moved to Newmarket in 1889. In addition to operating a private practice, Dr. Scott acted as the coroner for York County and, for over 20 years, served as Newmarket's Medical Health Officer. He was also active within the local community, holding membership in numerous organisations and the Liberal party, being on the church board, serving as president of the York County Medical Society and as chairman of the Newmarket Public School Board. For his years of dedication to the latter, Dr. Scott was honoured by having his name bestowed on the new school building. With his activity in the Liberal party, Dr. Scott attracted the presence of notable politicians at the laying of the cornerstone, including William Keith, MPP for York North, Sir William Mulock, MP for York North and the Honourable Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada.

Stuart Scott Public School is a well-preserved example of early 20th century school architecture in Ontario. Constructed in 1923, it was built by Edwin Richardson in accordance to plans and specifications devised by architect O. E. Tench. The limestone foundation and exterior stairs and the decorative features of light concrete and moulded metal contrast against the red brick of this square, two-storey building. The main entryways, originally used as separate entrances for boys and girls, are contained in prominent two-storey bay projections on the west and south facades. Each features concrete quoins, large windows and moulded metal pediments that rise above the flat roof. The west doorway includes a transom surmounted with a concrete lintel and dentil trimmed metal moulding. Above this, the school's name is mounted in a moulded block of concrete. The main portion of the building is of red brick with corner quoining of the same material. Large windows, with concrete sills and lintels, in groupings of two and three, illuminate the classrooms. String courses form an entablature below the roofline, emphasizing the roof's flat design. A row of concrete connects the lintels of the windows on the second storey and is surmounted by a row of decorative metal moulding which alternates with another band of brickwork before the wall is capped with metal at the roofline.

Source: Town of Newmarket By-law 2005-43.

Éléments caractéristiques

Character defining elements which contribute to its heritage value include its:
- design features of brick, concrete, metal and stone by the architect O. E. Tench and the builder Edwin Richardson
- square, two-storey red brick design typical of Ontario school buildings
- contrasting limestone foundation and light-coloured cement details
- main entrances located on projecting bays, each surmounted by moulded metal design features and pediment
- fenestration of large windows on both storeys, with concrete sills and lintels plus transom over south entryway
- quoining, in both red brick and cement
- flat roof




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Établir une vie sociale et communautaire
L'éducation et le bien-être de la société

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O. E. Trench


Edwin Richardson

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Newmarket Historical Society 134 Main Street S. Newmarket, ON L3Y 3Y7 Heritage Newmarket C/O Town Clerk, Town of Newmarket Municipal Offices 395 Mulock Drive P.O. Box 328 STN Main Newmarket, ON L3Y 4X7

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