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A New Web site for the Canadian Register of Historic Places!

In 2001, the Canadian Register of Historic Places (CRHP) was established to create a pan-Canadian list of all designated historic places. Since its creation, Canadians can be proud of the work that the provincial, territorial and federal governments have done to make historic places accessible to Canadians and to the world.

After years of focussing on developing the Canadian RegisteMouseclickr into a database of over 12,300 listings and counting, there was concern that the Web site was out of date (established October 2004). Extensive consultation and analysis of the Web site resulted in an updated look. It is now easier to find a historic place accurately and quickly, read its reasons for designation and character defining elements, see its location on a map and find nearby places. With new features, the Canadian Register is more accessible and more useful to Canadians and to specialists in the field of heritage conservation.

The CRHP encourages and promotes heritage conservation efforts in the country. We will be providing featured articles on topics relevant to heritage conservation and theory, newsworthy events at the provincial, territorial and federal levels, architectural analysis, thematic topics, heritage activities related to the Canadian Register and many more topics of interest to Canadians.

Standards and Guidelines Front PageWe also provide a virtual library of on-line documents necessary for conservation work, including the Standards & Guidelines on the Conservation of Historic Places. Widely adopted across the country, the Standards & Guidelines is a document on heritage conservation in Canada that best guides the decision-making process for owners and conservators alike. It is a key document in the certification process of accessing heritage conservation projects.

The CRHP approaches conservation holistically by identifying and recognizing the historic and heritage values related to a meaningful place. All types of historic places are listed on the site and it will grow with increasing engagement of local communities in protecting and nurturing their places.

As the definitive list of the country's historic places, the Canadian Register provides a valuable source of easily accessible and accurate information for government authorities, land-use planners, developers, the tourism industry, educators, researchers, heritage professionals and the public. The Canadian Register was founded on a common desire to protect and celebrate our shared heritage, and the collaboration between federal, provincial and territorial levels of government is transforming a patchwork of programs into a framework with a common objective.

There is now an established network in the Canadian heritage sector which spans jurisdictions, professions, heritage organizations, and citizens and there has been a successful "culture of conservation".

The CRHP is a core program that defines a Canadian approach to heritage conservation through dialogue and, at its heart, positioning heritage conservation as a strategic contributor to social, economic and environmental sustainability.

In the coming months, the CRHP will continue to grow. New partners in the field of conservation will be showcased as they use the Canadian Register in projects. New people and places will be profiled as they take advantage of the Canadian Register.

With the new Canadian Register of Historic Places, you can:

  • search the Register by place, by name, by keyword, by postal code, by region, by use, and by jurisdiction;
  • search your community and find nearby places;
  • search via a mobile phone.

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We hope you will enjoy exploring the new Web site and if you have comments, please send them to the Canadian Registrar! To contact us, send us an email at: historicplaces@pc.gc.ca