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Warden's Station Residence No. 1, Building B-18

Riding Mountain, Manitoba

The Warden’s Residence No.1 is situated near the northern highway entrance road and near the Moon Lake camping area. It is a simple, one-and-a-half-storey, L - shaped structure…

Accountant's Residence

154 Columbine Street, Wasagaming, Manitoba

The Accountant’s Residence, also known as Building A1, is situated on a lot in an early subdivision at Clear Lake in Riding Mountain National Park of Canada. It is a rectangular,…

Bandstand (B9)

Riding Mountain, Manitoba

The Bandstand (B9) is a conspicuous focal point within the park area located between the administration building and the waterfront. It is an octagonal structure consisting of an…

Casa Loma, Building (A2)

154 Wasagaming Drive, Wasagaming, Manitoba

The Casa Loma, Building (A2) in Riding Mountain National Park is situated on a lot in the original Clear Lake subdivision, a block away from the waterfront. It is a rectangular…

Jamboree Hall, Building B-10

Wasagaming, Manitoba

Overlooking Clear Lake, the Jamboree Hall occupies a central lakefront location within the public campground. It is a simple, rectangular, one-storey, timber structure enclosed at…

Tennis Clubhouse (B-6)

Riding Mountain, Manitoba

The Tennis Clubhouse is a simple log building located on a grassed terrace facing the tennis courts. Designed in the Tudor rustic style, the building features natural building…

Fire Hall (B-3)

126 Tawapit Drive, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

The Firehall (B3) at Wasagaming townsite is a log building with widely flared ends and a distinctive roof. It features a tower clad with logs that taper slightly to the base of a…

Doctor’s Residence and Clinic (C5)

140 Ta-wa-pit Drive, Wasagaming, Manitoba

The Doctor’s Residence and Clinic in Wasagaming, also known as Building C5, is a simple, milled-lumber frame building with domestic character, which occupies spacious landscaped…

Golf Clubhouse (B7)

Riding Mountain National Park / Parc national du Canada du Mont-Riding, Manitoba

The Golf Clubhouse, also known as Building B7, is a rectangular, log structure overlooking Clear Lake and surrounded by the well-manicured greens of a golf course. Designed in the…

Royal Canadian Air Force Cottage (B16)

Wasagaming, Manitoba

The secluded Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Cottage, also known as Building B16, sits protected by forest cover, on the lakefront at Clear Lake, two kilometers from Wasagaming…

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