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10335 - 84 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T6E, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 2007/10/01

Orange Hall, Edmonton (Summer 2000); Alberta Culture and Community Spirit, Historic Resources Management, 2000
North elevation
Orange Hall, Edmonton (Summer 2000); Alberta Culture and Community Spirit, Historic Resources Management, 2000
South elevation
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Loyal Orange Hall
Loyal Orange Lodge. No. 1654
Strathcona Orange Hall

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Inscrit au répertoire canadien: 2007/11/07

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The Orange Hall is an early twentieth-century, one-storey wood frame building located on one lot at the edge of MacIntyre Park in the Old Strathcona district of Edmonton. A small closed porch serves as an entrance to the hall, and the building's front and rear boast the name "Orange Hall" prominently lettered in a vibrant orange.

Valeur patrimoniale

The heritage value of the Orange Hall lies in its fine representation of the kind of modest wood frame buildings often constructed in early twentieth-century Alberta to serve as civic spaces. It is also significant for its association with the history of the Loyal Orange Lodge, one of the province's most important fraternal societies. The building's architecture and historical associations make it a valuable contributor to the heritage character of the Old Strathcona Provincial Historic Area.

A simple wood frame structure with a plain exterior, the Orange Hall perhaps reflects the preference for a sense of austerity characteristic of many Protestant churches, yet it is clear that pragmatic concerns were paramount in the building's construction. Composed primarily of an open assembly hall with a raised stage at the south end, the building is an excellent model of the balloon framing type of construction common to early - and often temporary - civic buildings constructed in Alberta. The Orange Hall is one of only a very few remaining wood frame structures amidst the many brick buildings that comprise the commercial and civic core of the Old Strathcona Historic Area. It is also among the oldest buildings in the area.

Fraternal organizations played a significant role in the early social life of the province. Established in Strathcona in 1895, the Loyal Orange Lodge No. 1654 was initiated primarily by local Protestants, mainly members of the Anglican Church. Built in 1903 by volunteer labour, the Orange Hall provided a venue for Lodge meetings and served the following year as the point of departure for the largest Orange parade on record in Alberta. In 1904 two thousand five hundred Albertans celebrated and marched together. Notable Orangemen that served as officers of the Lodge include such luminaries as Robert McKernan and R.W. Pettipiece, editor of the South Edmonton News. Premier A.C. Rutherford was often present and participated in the annual Orange celebrations. In addition to Orange activities, the hall has served as a popular community centre and hall well used by the general public for over a century.

Source: Alberta Culture and Community Spirit, Historic Resources Management Branch (File: Des. 1163)

Éléments caractéristiques

The character-defining elements of the Orange Hall include such features as:
- size, form, scale, and massing;
- location and siting within its context of Old Strathcona;
- wood balloon-frame construction;
- medium-pitched gable roof;
- drop siding exterior;
- timber window frames and sashes
- interior elements such as the elaborate wall niche composed of decorative wooden pilasters and an arch;
- original wood flooring with rectangular pattern;
- vertical tongue and groove "V"- jointed wainscoting, trim, panel doors, and interior plasterwork;
- "Orange Hall" lettered in orange on the front facade above the entry and on the rear.




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Province de l'Alberta

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Historical Resources Act

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Établir une vie sociale et communautaire
Les mouvements sociaux
Exprimer la vie intellectuelle et culturelle
L'architecture et l'aménagement
Établir une vie sociale et communautaire
L'organisation communautaire

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Local pour association fraternelle, organisation sociale ou de bienfaisance

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Alberta Culture and Community Spirit, Historic Resources Management Branch, Old St. Stephen's College, 8820 - 112 Street, Edmonton, AB T6G 2P8 (File: Des. 1163)

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The Loyal Orange Hall #1654 of Edmonton is a one-storey, wood frame institutional building, located in the original civic core of Strathcona on Edmonton's south side.


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